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CodeMinima is now etcsrc! Welcome

"Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of words required to explain anything." William of Ockham

Get more out of by:

  • Searching for and using the code samples on this wiki
  • Signing up and adding your own code samples
  • Most important of all, understanding why this site is called CodeMinima!

We hope you have as much fun using this site as we had creating it for you!

Introducing Using Tables of Contents for All Languages

If you have written code for any amount of time, you should most probably have a directory full of code samples for various tasks, like connecting to a database; using a particular media codec library in your app; a shell script for doing something; a particularly clever piece of SQL that you thought up; and so on. (You get the idea.)

If so, Etcsrc should definitely interest you. Etcsrc is a software developer's wiki: a wiki created by software developers for software developers. It has an interface very similar to Wikipedia's, and anyone can easily sign up on the site and start contributing code samples/snippets. In that sense, this site can be thought of as a Wikipedia for coders.

Furthermore, this wiki is not restricted to any particular language or technology. You can submit your code samples in just about any language that you have expertise in. It just has to be working code.

Using Etcsrc is easy and simple. We would strongly recommend that you have a look at the following links if you are interested in contributing:

  • How to use Etcsrc
  • You can search use the Search box at the top right corner to find what you are looking for. However, please bear in mind that the Etcsrc wiki is a growing resource, and you may not immediately find what you are looking for. So why not sign up and start adding some code samples yourself? Check out the Frequently asked questions page to know why you would want to contribute, as well as answers for many other queries that you may have.

Signing up: Signing up is easy. The auto-signup process is be a breeze. Go ahead and sign up!

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Social Media Important Links License Information

Etcsrc is active on the social media front too:

Please invest a few minutes going through the links below to understand why the site is called CodeMinima and to find answers to other such questions that we are sure you may have.

We sincerely hope that you find this site useful.

Please read these carefully before using this site:

  • Policies of usage
  • All the code samples on are available under The Code Project Open License (CPOL) 1.02, which essentially means that you can use them any way you like in your application but they may not be distributed or republished without the original author's express consent. Please read about copyrights.
  • Disclaimer

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